Your brand reputation is not about how well you think you are doing, it’s measured by the customer’s perception of your company and its products and services. In today’s technological world, the majority of customers will Google your company name before doing business with you and check our Forums and Social Media for third party opinions about you.

If you have unflattering comments online about your company, this will undoubtedly have a negative affect on those customers wanting to do business with you. Listening to what people say about your company is key to ensuring you can manage your online reputation. INTUITION does just that, collecting all publicly available mentions of your brand online and categorizing the sentiment of those mentions into Positive, Neutral and Negative results.

INTUITION can then send an Email Alert based on any set of rules. For example, it can send an email upon finding any negative content “as it happens”, swiftly bringing to your attention a problem with a customer that if left unanswered could escalate into multiple posts from other customers, until you have a damaging situation on a viral scale. Being able to have the opportunity to diffuse the customer’s anger swiftly not only aids in your brand reputation defense strategy, but also shows other customers that you are attentive, responsive and approachable when the is a problem, which in turn can even improve your online reputation and credibility.

Ultimately, not responding is the worst thing you can do, but even knowing about the problem in the first place is the first step.

The other side of Brand Reputation Management is growing your online visibility by telling the story of your brand, educating customers about your products and services and engaging with people who want to know more. INTUTION creates compelling original content, such as press releases, blog articles, magazine editorials and social media posts and syndicates these across the web to produce quality information about your brand on third party websites, that include links back towards your website, or designated landing page.


For those operating in the timeshare industry, protecting your brand whilst others around you continue to tarnish consumer perception of the industry has never been more important to your bottom line.

To assist you in understanding what is being said about your company, product, service or resort, INTUITION provides some additional modules that funnel the content you need into easy to understand charts and graphs. For developers, we provide a full breakdown of every brand mention across all of TripAdvisor’s 30+ regional websites around the world, and can even categorize them into types of complaints to show you whether most of the complaints are about accommodation and amenities, or the sales presentation and membership. For marketers and vendors, we do the same thing on other relevant websites to the timeshare industry, such as TUG and many other forums commonly used for complaints.

Once issues are identified, you will be able to begin to resolve them internally, and our historical timeline charts will show you decreases over time of complaints if your efforts are successful. In the meantime, our PR services will continue to focus on the positives of your company, its story and educate B2C or B2B audiences about the products or services you sell – boosting your online visibility and credibility.

These PR services generate hundreds of thousands of indexed pages on Search Engines, which help to suppress any highly ranking negative search engine results, as well as assist your SEO strategies by subtly including your preferred keywords with links back to you own website, Facebook Page or other designated landing page.

Additional services are available should action need to be taken regarding online statements that are inaccurate, defamatory and could cause financial harm to your business.


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