This is a critical part of any company’s strategic marketing plan. By evaluating where you stand against your competitors provides you with the information you need to fine tune your marketing spend to concentrate only on areas that provide real results.

Competitive Analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors, and provides crucial data to enable your marketing teams to prepare both an offensive and defensive marketing strategy that, with the assistance of INTUITION, will provide dynamic real-time identification of opportunities and threats to your brand’s positioning in your market.

INTUITION provides companies with the opportunity to engage in Competitor Profiling – essentially the creation of a dossier all about your competitors. Customer value is defined relative to rival offerings making competitor knowledge an intrinsic component of corporate strategy.

Profiling doesn’t just reveal strategic weaknesses in rivals, it will allow you to anticipate the strategic response of your rivals to your planned strategies. This proactive knowledge over time means you can implement offensive strategies more quickly in order to exploit opportunities highlighted by INTUITION and capitalize on those strengths. Similarly, defensive strategies can be pre-determined for when competitors try to exploit any of your own weaknesses.

A comprehensive profiling capability is rapidly becoming a core competence required for successful competition. It’s like having a good idea of the next move of your opponent in a chess match. By staying one move ahead, checkmate is one step closer. As in chess, a good offense is the best defense in business also.


When we track your competitors, you don’t just get the comparisons between your performance and theirs. You get access to all of their online mentions too – the same data we collect for you on all the other dashboards, is available for your competitors too. You let us know which elements are important to you, and we’ll create them in your Competitive Analysis dashboard.

If your marketing department then analyze this data they will be able to understand what your competitors are doing right and what they are not. You’ll know which online channels they use most, and which they are overlooking. You’ll know what their online reputation is, what people don’t like about their products, or customer service experience. You’ll also know what customers are reacting best to, what key phrases, which marketing campaigns and much more.

With this information you will be able to find previously unseen gaps in your own marketing strategy and fill them. You will be able to identify online platforms where you can gain more visibility than your competitors overnight, and then track your efforts to gain online mention market share overall.

Our Competitive Analysis provides a near infinite amount of ways to find out invaluable Business Intelligence on your competitors – it’s just up to you how deep you want your analysis to go.


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