It has often been said that “Content Is King”, but in this new digital age that saying has changed to “Credibility Is King, Content Is Queen”. Our expert editorial team that produces Perspective Magazine, the vacation ownership industry’s leading independent trade publication understand this and build your content with credibility in mind.

Content creation should be produced to tell your company story, not for SEO purposes, and should not be limited to one type of content or restricted to one distribution channel. That being said, we will still incorporate relevant SEO links and title tags as a great added benefit, but the content will be crafted for human consumption and media re-publishing purposes.

From press releases to blog articles, from magazine editorials to social media posts, we’ll get your message placed across the internet in places your target audience already use.


Our process starts with the creation of official news releases. Once syndicated, a series of alternate versions will also be syndicated via various other channels to boost the overall reach and search engine listings that reference your brand.

Further blog posts will highlight various aspects of each release and link back to your website or designated landing page, and then social media posts will be created and shared across many different channels and exclusive accounts over a period of 3-4 weeks, significantly extending the typical lifespan of each piece of content.

All content is written by our team but approved by your team before any distribution takes place. We work in conjunction with any existing corporate communication teams, marketing teams and SEO teams to ensure continuity on brand messaging as well as incorporating where relevant any SEO keywords you are emphasizing.


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