INTUITION provides a series of 8 specially designed dashboards with multiple tabbed sections that include in-depth graphs, charts and tables that can display your data in near infinite ways. Each of the below dashboards can be customized to suit your specific needs, or we can build one from scratch to your exact requirements.

So whether you want individual dashboards for each of your resorts, or separate ones for different departments within your organization, we can build your custom monitoring platform to exactly match your current corporate structure.


Our Management Overview Dashboard provides senior executives with a top level overview of the most pertinent data items from each of the other dashboards, without the need to search for it. Designed as an At-A-Glance dashboard, this provides a quick answer to your current performance, accessible from desktop, tablet or smartphone.


The Brand Reputation Management Dashboard is a crucial tool that lets you visually see and understand how your brand is perceived online. Our system provides a highly complex sentiment analysis and categorizes each mention found as either positive, neutral or negative. Furthermore it can do this in 27 different languages and even differentiate between dialects. Email Alerts can be created to draw your attention to negative mentions so you can take a closer look at where it originated and decide how best to deal with it. Should a problematic issue arise, we can set up separate tabs with charts and graphs, plus email alerts specific to that situation, ensuring you don’t miss anything.


This dashboard drills down further than the Management Overview data, providing more details about brand mentions, such as what type of pages they originate from (News, Blog, Forum etc), from what countries, and specifically what websites. This dashboard also provides data on the performance of each press release syndicated through your INTUITION package, what sites published them and who shared them on Social Media. This dashboard can also be customized to track individual marketing campaigns or online promotions, and then historically compare them against each other to find out what kind of campaign produces the best results.


It takes an enterprise-level monitoring platform to be able to provide you with detailed Competitive Analysis, and INTUITION is the very best at it for timeshare industry companies. In addition to the basics of seeing all the same type of data on your competitors that you can see on yourselves, we also provide detailed comparisons between the companies, which will highlight strengths and weaknesses that your team can look at more closely. If proper attention is given to this dashboard, the business intelligence you receive can be invaluable – from making your current efforts more efficient, to highlighting opportunities and strategies you’d never thought of.


Resort Developers can also benefit from having resort specific dashboards spanning their whole portfolio of properties. These can be available to all users, or restricted to those responsible for each resort. The Resort Dashboards include all the features of the Brand Reputation Management Dashboard, but specific only to an individual resort. Additionally we include TripAdvisor tracking and any other specific review website(s) required. We can also create custom filters and rules than enable us to split complaints into types of complaints to distinguish between a complaint about accommodation from a complaint about the sales process. You can then set up email alerts for on-site complaints to go to each resort manager to enable them to deal with guests complaints quickly, and complaints about sales presentations to go to sales and marketing management.


This dashboard takes a look outside of your own brand and into your industry segment or target market. Select any keyword or phrase to track and analyze to gain more insights into where your marketing efforts should be focused. Tracking your most common SEO keyword for example, will not only provide you with all public mentions that include that keyword, but also let you know how many of those you “own” – as in how many actually reference your brand at the same time. This dashboard, or series of dashboards can also show you, from an conversation standpoint, which keywords or phrases are the most commonly discussed, again showing you where your keyword advertising should be focused.


Whilst the PR & Marketing Dashboard tracks all public available mentions of your brand across the entire Facebook platform, this dashboard is an entirely different animal. The Facebook Page Management Dashboard allows you to track all activity on your own Facebook Page and view much more data about it than Facebook itself gives you in its Facebook Insights. For example, INTUITION will be able to show you how impactful each of your own posts were, engagement levels and a list of the individuals who engaged with your content. It will then also show you how impactful other people’s content is and provide you with historic data on each individual – all without having to infinitely scroll backward or click the “load more” button on Facebook itself. You can then choose to tag each individual as a member / non-member and compare engagement levels.


The Twitter Dashboard primarily does the same as the Facebook Page Management Dashboard, with some additional data available from the Twitter Platform, such as account type and gender. With Twitter being such a fast paced platform our recording of all activity is essential to understanding if your efforts are being rewarded or not. It also quickly identifies those that are sharing your information but are not yet connected to you, and allows you to answer tweets directly from within the INTUITION dashboard.


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