I Already Use Press Release Syndication Sites – So How Does INTUITION Differ?

Using PR Syndication Sites is important in an overall strategy, but usually only provide visibility for up to 72 hours so on their own do not produce consistent exposure for your brand.

INTUITION also uses PR Syndication Sites, in fact we offer Advanced Distribution with the world’s largest Syndicator – PRWeb, but as a starting point. Thereafter our web marketers spend dozens of hours per month on each client account extending that exposure by 2-4 weeks, across major social media platforms and blogs, encouraging engagement and building your online brand visibility.

Finally, for timeshare companies, Perspective Group has unrivalled industry reach across its own social media accounts, websites and print publications with exclusive distribution for INTUITION clients only.

We Already Have An SEO / Social Media Team – Why Do We Need INTUITION?

In most cases your SEO team will be looking after your own website’s rankings on major search engines, adding fresh keyword rich content and running Google Adwords campaigns to drive traffic to your website. Your Social Media team will be running your Facebook Page and Twitter Account etc…

INTUITION does none of the above, which is why our team can work alongside your existing team for greater effect.

INTUITION concentrates on ensuring your marketing messages reach a wider audience by concentrating on external sources for your content; i.e. other people’s websites, Facebook pages and Twitter Accounts etc – channels that you do not currently have access to.

The difference can be explained like this – Your team will concentrate on your messages on your Twitter Account which may have a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand followers. Each message reaches the same potential audience. INTUITION gets your messages onto hundreds of different twitter accounts each with different audiences for a combined reach of 500,000 to 1,000,000+ followers.

Add to that, the premium exposure across the Perspective Group network (print and online) which is exclusive only to INTUITION clients, providing huge visibility to the timeshare industry and you’ll begin to understand just a fraction of why your company needs INTUITION.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

As soon as we syndicate the first approved content you will get instantaneous and ongoing results, all tracked by INTUITION. You will have direct INTUITION dashboard access so you watch your visibility increase in near real-time. Although some results are immediate, our marketing strategies are based upon long-term objectives, and so your results will continue to improve month on month.

Will I See Increased Traffic To My Website?

Everything that INTUITION syndicates generates traffic. Depending on what kind of content is produced will depend on where the traffic goes.

For example, press release content is found on third party websites and so traffic generated will go there, where visitors will read that content on credible external sites, with the option to click one of the embedded links and continue onto your website, landing page or social media account / page.

In contrast, when promotional content is syndicated this will include direct links to either your website, specific landing page or social media account / page.