A significant portion of the INTUITION Brand Marketing service is Social Media Marketing, an element rarely included in PR Packages as standard and an area in which INTUITION excels.

Our Social Media Marketing strategy concentrates on putting your messages in front of audiences you do not have access to – namely our own INTUITION audience and audiences of those that follow and share our content. From Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest to Instagram and Youtube to Vimeo, we’ll promote your written content, images and video to our relevant and extensive reach.

You can also add Facebook Promotions to your INTUITION package, which similar to the above image, can attract targeted consumers or clients to click on a sponsored piece of content and be diverted to your website or specified landing page. Facebook Promotions can be used for Lead Generation, to boost website traffic, build Facebook Page Likes, run Sweepstake Competitions for customers and much more.


Whilst our marketing team concentrates on extending your social media reach, our INTUITION Social Media Monitoring platform offers you even more enterprise-level tools to help you manage your own Social Media Accounts.

Facebook Page Management
We provide you with a Facebook Page Management dashboard, that not only provides you with typical analytics available via Facebook Insights, but also tracks and stores all physical posts and comments for historical reference and quick access. From this database of Facebook content we can provide you with detailed analysis of what content is the most engaging, ensuring that you do more of it and less of the content that does not perform.

Additionally, we can provide details of your most impactful audience – who they are individually, links to their Facebook Profile, how influential their content on your page was, quick access to all comments for each of their posts, and historically list each individuals engagement with your page over time, meaning that you can identify a return visitor and contributor from previous months in a split second. You can even tag each individual as a member or non member and track differences in engagement levels between the two groups.

Twitter Account Management
Our Twitter Account Management dashboard provides all the same data as mentioned above, but can also provide additional demographic information such as comparison between Male and Female, hobbies, interests and professions of your engaged audience.


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