The central hub of the INTUITION Brand Marketing service is its custom enterprise-level social media monitoring platform that draws from more than 70 million sources to provide incredibly comprehensive results.


We say custom, because we don’t just give you access to a dashboard with charts, we build multiple dashboards based specifically around the type of data you want to track and analyze. There’s no other platform that will enable you view an unlimited amount of data about your brand, resorts, products or services in the number of ways our service provides.

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One of the most popular and critical uses of our social media monitoring is to track and understand the online reputation of a company. Our platform not only provides positive, neutral and negative sentiment of your brand mentions but also provides you with specific sections or dashboards to monitor specific sites such as TripAdvisor, TUG and other popular review websites. Our system sends email alerts each time a negative mention is found, ensuring you can act quickly to any potentially damaging situation.

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Setting us apart from the rest, we can provide you with all the same information about your competitors as we can about you, and then provide in-depth comparisons to show your strengths and weaknesses vs theirs. This invaluable business intelligence will help you find areas for improvement in your marketing initiatives as well as be alerted to any significant increases in visibility by your competitors that may be caused by a new PR campaign, or breaking news story.

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Another major part of the INTUITION Brand Marketing service is the syndication of press releases. We provide Advanced PRWeb syndication and submission to hundreds of other press release sites for mainstream visibility, and then exclusive timeshare industry syndication across our very own INTUITION Network of websites, social media accounts and email databases. Our Social Media Monitoring platform will then show you the success of each press release, what websites republished the story and who shared it on social media, clearly indicating ROI and what type of content works best.

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